Happy Birthday Micah!

I remember it so vividly. We got the call that my sister was headed to the hospital to have my first nephew. I immediately started to cry. It felt so wrong that my sister was so far away from family and friends that she couldn’t have those she grew up with celebrate with her.  

Bella was 2.5 and the twins were 1. My husband lovingly said I should go. I don’t think my husband knew what to do because that was probably only the second time he’s seen me cry. Haha poor guy. 

So I quickly called my parents and asked if I could follow them out. It was quite a ride getting all the updates of the labor. But I was so excited to surprise my sister and brother in law. So we got to Pittsburgh before he had been born so we hung out at the house. We finally got the call that the c section went well and we could go meet Micah. We drove over to the hospital and Jerry met us in the parking garage. It was so cool to see the surprise on his face. I don’t know who had more joy- him or myself. We then decided that my parents would go in first and then Jerry would come out after a no it or two and bring me in. Those moments of waiting outside the room, waiting, listening to my parents gush over their newest grandson and joy over the healthy delivery, were so amazing. Finally came the time. Jerry came out of the room and grabbed me.   He walked in ahead of me and as I came around and saw her and Micah it was beautiful. She was totally shocked and I was so happy and proud. I was so happy that I got to love on my sister and brother and my new nephew. 

I stayed one night and went back the next day before heading home. I got tons of Micah snuggles. It was glorious. It was so hard to have to leave. And it has been hard for my kids not to be able to grow up with their cousins on a regular basis. But to see the joy when we tell our kids that we are going to go see their cousins is totally awesome. 

We love you Micah and can’t wait to celebrate your birthday with you soon!

August fun

Alright time to play catch up again 😳 I better get August’s adventures before we enter November I guess lol.

Anyway, we got to go back to Knoebels with Topher’s work. The kids had even more fun than the last time. Since they already knew a lot of the rides they had lots of excitement to ride them again.

I got to ride with my girls on the kiddie roller coaster. It was so fun and even though Ada was nervous she was still excited to be a big girl.

And daddy is always tons of fun 😊

We actually found a ride that we could let Liam do. He loved it. He felt like such a big boy 💗


Caiden can be such a ham. He cracks me up!  

And our last ride of the day was the Ferris wheel. The kids were really excited when halfway through the ride the lights came on.

Later in August we went to Bloom bounce. I have to say I really love this place. Adults are free. You can bring food in. They are super clean. And the staff is very nice.


A big milestone for Caiden this month is that at the age of 4 he learned to ride a two wheeler. I’m so proud of him. His hardest part wasn’t balancing because he was used to the balance bike. It was pedaling. Once he got the rhythm after 2 days, he had it. 
Then we had a rather eventful trip to Philly. We went to our friends  thinking we may have had a stomach bug. But they said it was fine. So we got their late Friday and hung out. Well Liam didn’t just refuse to sleep he cried and screamed until 3:30 when he finally passed out. Meanwhile I was feeling horrible like I was getting sick. Finally after crying out many times to God Liam fell asleep on me and I was able to go to sleep. But then around 5am Topher came in to me and said Ada had thrown up. So at 6am we had our car packed and was starting our 1.5 drive home. Thankfully Ada only got sick one time in the car. When we got home I crashed. I literally slept the entire day and then that night. I think I  got up 2 times that day.

But by Sunday we were all feeling brand new. So we drove back to Philly to have a fun day with our friends. And the kids and adults all had tons of fun.

Oh my, this meal…. Life changing! Have you tried soup dumplings??????? You need to!


Then you have to finish the day with dessert!!!

We also started school this month. You can read about that HERE.

The big kids started and finished their first round of swim lessons. It was definitely a rocky start. The twins cried the entire first class. And Bella was noticeably nervous. But I am so glad that they did it. It helped ease child to trust me and to trust teachers and authority figures I put them under. Being that they are homeschooled they are not often under other grown-ups. And so they tend to get very nervous and fearful when they have to go in new settings. We have seen this as an issue and so we thought swim would be a great step in helping them conquer these fears. And let me tell you now that we’ve gone through two courses, they all love it and it is actually a good reference point to one they fear doing something new. I’m so thankful we were given this opportunity to do it.  You can watch a video of them swimming now HERE on my channel. (feel free to check out some of my other videos and you can always subscribe so you don’t miss any!)

Our last adventure in August was going on a camping trip with my parents. But first we had to stop the store and get some goodies.

Liam is always trying to be a big boy and try to help. So when he saw pops helping daddy move the camper he thought he could help to and started to push. It was the cutest thing.

The campsite was absolutely incredible for little kids. They had tons of things to do there right on the campsite so never had to leave. Because were always busy and had tons of fun this trip.


This boy gets me so much.

Grammy thought it would be fun to play with Caiden. Until she had trouble getting out of the tunnel. Caiden thought it was the best thing on the planet helping Grammy get out. I think Grammy was having some fun too.😉

Each week in the camp has a different theme and activities along with the theme. This weeks theme was pirates, so there’s lots of pirate stuff all of the campground.

There was this huge air filled balloon like toy that the kids got to jump on and do all kinds of fun moves. Caiden particularly loved this and pretended he was a superhero.

At the miniature golf course there were these bushes that had these flowers on them. They were absolutely stunning and they were huge. One flower was the size of my entire hand.

Probably the thing that the kids enjoyed most about the campground were the pedal cars. They had this awesome track that they could drive the pedal cars around. They all loved it and kept wanting to go back. They still talk about it to this day.


Got to have your trusty friend while camping.

Always willing to help. Snapping green beans for dinner that night.

And of course you always have to have the Smore’s.

And maybe some other camping treats.

The last day we were there we went exploring around some of the other areas the campground. We mainly explored down by the water to go see with the boating and rafting was like. And grammy and pops showed the kiddos how to skip rocks.

And last but not least, we ended our August with me running of my very first 5K. You can read about that HERE.

My day

There I was, lying in bed at 7:30 thinking, “I can’t believe Liam is sleeping in an hour past his normal wake time.  I hope he’s not getting sick…”

Cue baby chatter…. [which by the way is not normal. Usually he cries to have us come in.]

I go in to see him standing up with his hands stretched out to me like he was showing me something and continued to “talk.”  I turned on the light……

Yep. You guessed it! He had managed to take his entire diaper off and throw it out of the crib and proceed to poop on his mattress and get it all over….

I have always said that he is the one who will do all the things that kids typically do that my older ones never did.
Later in the morning the girls were having an arguing spirit so I sent them to their rooms. Well they were both crying like it was the end of the world. Liam witnesses this and thought they were playing and follows them into their room and begins to fake cry. Lol well the girls saw the humor in it too and started cracking up. Thank you Liam for your comic relief. 
Oh it is only 9:30 in the morning.

Friday Faves

So we all know how I’m not good at being consistent with blog posts. But I thought it might be fun to do a Friday Faves every now and then. So here are this weeks “Friday Faves!”


I finally found a coffee/creamer combo that I really love! And because the coffee is so good inuse less creamer- Score!
I have been listening to this album Non-Stop! Her words are truly some of the most encouraging lyrics I have heard. If I’m ever feeling discouraged or in a bad mood her songs/lyrics point me right back to where I need to be. If you are going to buy one album this week, month or even year – this is it!
And speaking of music, have you heard of Spotify and Pandora? I’m sure you have. Well Apple recently came out with their version and I have to say I like it a ton more. You can get a family plan so that you and everyone in your house has access to ALL of iTunes  music!!! I seriously have been loving it! I have a playlist for everything now lol. 
Another fave lately has been graphic tees from Be Still Clothing Company! Seriously aren’t they the cutest!?!? 

I have two and pretty much want them all. Check them out here:



I have blonde eyelashes and look exhausted when I don’t wear mascara. This is my favorite! It makes my lashes look so full and long 👌🏻

And for my last Fave – the app called Pact. Here you set how many days a week you commit to exercising and how many fruit and veggies you are going to eat in a week. Then if you keep you pact you get paid for it. If you don’t then you get money taken away. I have had excellent customer service with them when partnering apps didn’t sync up or when I got sick. You can also pause your pacts if you know you are going to be away on vacation. 


What my first 5k taught me…

So this year I turned 30 and I thought I would love to accomplish something this year that I thought I never could. And maybe in an effort to prove that I am in fact not old and still fit even after 4 kids (including a set of twins) I decided a 5K was just the thing. And all honesty it scared me to think about training for a 5K. I’ve never been in a long distance runner. I love working out really in any other way but not running. So the thought of running 3 miles really scared me. But there were two people in particular who really inspired me to do this also. My sister and and my friend. My sister in the Pittsburgh half marathon and my friend was in a horrible car accident several years ago and has pins in her hips along with plates and a bum knee. Both these girls have inspired me to run, that no matter how hard it may be it is possible with training. So in the beginning of the summer I decided to start running with the app C25K. So the semi went on and I was pretty faithful on my training. July got a little crazy so I didn’t train as much as I would’ve liked but all this I pick backed up and started running again. Two weeks before the race I’d only run 2 miles at that point. I started to get really nervous and wondered if I could actually run the 5K. So since my sister lives in Pittsburgh I asked my friend to come run with me. My development has some pretty decent hills so I knew I needed someone to motivate me to keep going. While I don’t we plan to run 2.5 miles that night with her but she had said we were running 3. I mean he thought to myself this will never happen. Well we started off and sure enough  at 2 1/4 miles I was feeling it. But she kept encouraging me to keep going and that she knew that I could do it. Having the person tell me I know you can do this gave me the confidence to keep going. It was rough, it was mentally and physically challenging. But her confidence in me kept me going. And sure enough  I was able to do the 3 miles. It’s also good to know that I never run even quite a 2 mile and now I am running three. 

As I look back on that night and my whole summer of running, all of these lessons on running that I have learned started to make sense and be more applicable to the verses in the Bible that talk about running the race. That alone has me running for me worth it. Estimate love running but the insight it is given me into what it means to run a race both physically and also spiritually swallowed has been so great. I love how God uses things that we can understand and relate to us to teach us how to live for him.

So August 29 comes. Bright and early Saturday morning  we’ll head over to the race. I surprisingly was not nervous I was only excited to do this with my friend and my sister who had been supporting me this whole time. I sent many text messages in the previous month saying how scared I was to do this but they continue to encourage me and push me on to do what they knew I could do. It’s another day have come. The day we all been training for. 

I was not expecting my husband and kids to be there on till the end. But he surprised me and showed up with all of them at 8 o’clock in the morning. I love that man he knows how to love me he does it at the sacrifice of his own self. 


The start of the race
So as the race went on my friend wanted to see how fast she could go for this race. So she went on ahead but my sister stayed behind to keep me paced. And just as I was about at the end of the race my husband took all the kids and was waiting for me at the corner and cheering me on. It was one of the best parts of my race.  

As we came to the last leg of the race my friend had already finished and came back to run with me the rest away and encourage me to the very end. It was so awesome to finish with all of my supporters. 


haha wow I look awkward! 😜
I finished my first 5k in a time of 34:40. I’m pretty proud of that.  Now time to start shaving off some time!  


Where I finished among all the other runners
post race

The shirts we got for our run

Pigging out after the 5k
So now the question is well I do anymore 5k’s? I think probably next year I would like to do this race again. I’d still though prefer to do weightlifting so I think my runs will be a little bit less not to mention with the winter months coming I don’t plan on running outside during that. But I would like to keep up on my cardio level that I have work towards. I like to have a well-rounded exercise plan so that I am physically fit in all areas.  

How about you? Have you ever run a 5K or even more? Do you love to do them and do you plan on doing them even more? If not, what’s your favorite type of exercise? I would encourage you if you’ve never run a race or ever trained for one to try. The lessons you learn any accomplishment you feel from completing that runs are amazing. Those are things I will never regret doing.